About Manett’s Megashine

In 2014 Megashine was created by accident while working at a chemical blending facility John wanted to create a product that not only saved time but space to carry in the saddlebags for motorcycles. A product that worked on every surface. For two years he and his late wife used it to maintain their motorcycles paint, chrome, and leather. By 2016 friends were asking for their own bottles for their cars and bikes. At this time John was working at the Stockyards Hotel in Ft. Worth and blending small batches of Megashine in his garage for personal use and friends. Little did he know in 2017 everything was about to change for him and Megashine.

Fast forward to summer of 2017. John has now been selling bottles to friends and clients at the hotel as a valet. In June, John had found a company in Arizona by the name of Dezert Detail and messaged them on social media describing his all-in-one product and asking if they were willing to try it. Brian, the owner of Dezert Detail read this message claiming that this product could not only shine your tires but also clean your paint and windows. To this Brian kindly responded with “there is no way I'm putting tire shine on paint and glass, you’re an idiot”. John then asked for the address and sent out a bottle for free to try and to let him know how Brian liked it. 2 months had passed and the bottle was collecting dust on the shelf and Brian had run out of interior dressing so he gave it a try. By his surprise it worked exactly as described.

It’s October and by this time Brian is ordering gallons at a time from John. He knows if it is going to take off it needs to be at SEMA. At this point Brian had been detailing nationally for the SEMA show scene for a year and returning that fall to take care of clients for the show. He asked John for 100 bottles so that he could help sell it around the show while he detailed. He knew especially for the lifted trucks he was doing that this was going to be a hit as it was 100% dry on the tires and no sling.

SEMA was a success for Megashine. Brian had caught the attention of all his clients and quite a few attendees with the products dry to the touch finish. While chatting with his good client and now friend Josh Beachum , Josh mentioned that he should have John make him something to sell as his own brand. Thus Gloss Sauce was created. A ceramic spray that was as easy to use as a quick detailer. So Dezert Detail Products was created with Gloss Sauce , a quick detailer, and all purpose cleaner. While making products for Brian, John would add Showstopper, Matte Detailer, and Purple Unicorn to his lineup.

For 3 years Brian would travel the country detailing for the SEMA show scene and private clients pushing Megashine and his own product line made by John. In 2020, John and Brian decided to combine the two lines into just Manett’s branding. They also decided that the only way to truly push the brand was for Brian to move to Dallas to help John with product development and branding and John had also offered half of Manett’s to Brian for helping him over the previous 3 years. Detail’D was then born and is now the branding of the detailing side of the business of Manett’s which John and Brian co-own.

Since, Manett’s has grown from 6 products made in John’s garage to 17 and counting being blended in house at their detailing shop in Lewisville, TX. Manett’s now offers a wide variety of chemical services including private labeling , distribution, wholesale, chemical development, and dealership product placement. Manett’s strives to deliver the best detailing products money can by while retaining that small personal business touch. To this day you can still call Manett’s and personally talk with John while he is blending about products, advice, or just about life. Manett’s is about building a family and community in which we can all grow together!